Are Your Turning People from Cold Market to Warm Market?

Are Your Turning People from Cold Market to Warm Market?

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A couple of days ago, I was driving around running errands for my business and life and accomplishing them. While being on the road, I saw a Jazzercise Studio which was open, because many cars were close to the place, and something strongly told me to stop, park the car and go into the facility and introduce myself to the Jazzercise instructor.

Now, I went to that same place a few months prior to this, and all I did at that time was that I entered the place in the middle of the instructor and her students working out. So, rather than me bother them, I simply dropped off my business cards there and then I left within less than a minute.

Fast forward to a couple days ago. So, I got out of my car and I went near the door, and there were a couple of women hanging out outside of the facility, and I introduced myself to them, and one of them already heard about me, probably through some ads I put out, or word of mouth by others about me. In fact, one of the women asked for my business card for my holistic healing practice, while the other left in a hurry. The woman who took my business card told me to wait a few minutes because the class was almost over, and she told me that I can talk to the instructor personally. Once she took a look at my card, she told me that she had been wanting to get healed due to her nagging shoulder injury, so she asked for more of my information, which I was glad to provide to her.

Afterwards, she left and the Jazzercise class was over, and I walked in. Right away as I walked in, the instructor called me out by my name and I went over to introduced myself. She told me that she saw me walked in a few months ago and she saw me setting my business cards down the table before leaving the place, which as I found out, she still had my business cards pinned to the wall in her office. We spoke for a few minutes about my holistic health practice, and she wanted me to bring in some flyers of my services, and she even informed me that she would put me into the Jazzercise newsletter to further promote my services. After a few minutes, I said thanks to the instructor and I left, only to come back a couple of hours later and I dropped off my flyer with more information about my services.

Now, in just a few minutes of seeing me, she already treated me like she knew me for a long time. And how exactly did I, Bear did that, you may ask? It’s all a matter of turning people from the Cold Marketplace to the Warm Marketplace. If you want to learn more about how you yourself can get people from the cold market to the warm market, I suggest that you check out, “The Immediate Yes Formula” and see how you can be confident to turn people on from cold to warm, and then eventually HOT.

The Immediate Yes Formula

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