Stop Waiting For Life To Occur… Life Is Now, Live It

We live in a big ole universe. If you stop to think about how vast reality really is, you might go a little nuts … or maybe become fully enlightened, depending on the day.

Figuring out how we tie into this all can easily lead to complicated thinking. One of the only things you really need to know, though, is that you’re not separate from anything. Everything is connected, including you and I.

Attraction is real! It’s our thinking and actions that determine what comes into our lives, and what keeps itself away that could actually be good for us, unfortunately at times without us realizing that we’re doing that to ourselves!

For example, some people believe that, first, they have to become a certain kind of person in order to be able to attract what they’d like to have, like a great intimate relationship for instance.

Wow! That’s pretty deep, huh?

It’s all good, except for one little part: the condition that says “First I have to be this or that.” That’s called waiting for life to occur. That’s called means-to-an-end thinking. “First I have to do this, then I can have that.”

That doesn’t work, my friends. When you put conditions on what can come into your life, your mind will never let you feel like you’re enough. You don’t feel like you’re enough already, so that’s exactly what you’re going to get: not enough.

“When I’m better, then I can attract the right (girl or guy). The person I am right now is not enough.” Guess what, my friend? That’s a habitual mindset. That’s a mind pattern that will never leave you.

No matter where you go or who you’re with or how you do, your mind will always tell you, “You’re not ready. You’re not enough. If I just have six more months of working on myself, can you imagine the kind of (woman or man) that I’m going to attract? What about if I work on myself for another year and a half?”

Here’s a fact: Life is now. Life is not, “When I’m perfect, that’s when I can have the right romantic relationship.”

Stop waiting. Be open right now for the universe to unfold in front of you. Be open for the right situation to come your way. Just go with the flow.

You don’t have to be perfect to attract the right person for you.

By the way, if you’re looking for the perfect woman or man and you’re not, you’re screwed. That’s all future-based thinking. It is not real because only the present is real.

There’s a hidden payoff in sabotaging yourself like this: not succeeding at something. What a great excuse you’ve given yourself. What a great reason for not being able to find the right one for you.

In fact, that’s the gold medal of reasons. It keeps you stuck even though that agony is painful because deep down inside you know you’re ready for the success you’re looking for.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t continue striving to be better than we know we can be. But for goodness sake don’t beat yourself up for every little flaw, or even the big ones for that matter!

Let go of all that. You don’t need to completely structure every second of how this is going to work for you. Say to yourself, “I am open to finding the right person in my life when that person comes, and the universe unfolds for me.”

If you’ve found the right person for yourself, replace person with…business, job, career, friends, whatever you want, I’m using the “right person” as an example to illustrate this way of thinking.

Be open. Smile and relax. Chill out.

You’re the right person, right now. You’re good enough as you are. Can you improve? Of course. We can always improve. Once you really get this, you’ll understand forward progress without making your happiness depend upon it.

The most important thing you can learn is that dwelling on the “if I” and “when I” and “it would be better if” or “if I had that, then I would” takes you out of the present moment.

Thinking about the perfect future is what stops you from having the perfect present. It’s the only thing that stops you.

Tell us what you think about the power of present moment awareness. We’ve all had times when awesome things happened seemingly out of nowhere, or strange coincidences that made sense in a grander scheme of things.

What’s your story? How did it impact you? We’d love to hear from you!

For Your Freedom,
T. Harv Eker

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