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Online entrepreneurs, do you make money using social media marketing?
Did you know this marketing maven has built 6-figure incomes for multiple of her online businesses?

social media marketing

social media marketing

The #1 downloaded app on smartphones is Facebook. Most of this maven’s new likes are from smartphones. We, ourselves, Bear and Rainbow have had fastest growing hits from smartphones ourselves. The 1st time we noticed this was with Rainbow’s vegetarian cooking videos on social media.

There was once a time when this maven, and us have struggled to network solely by word of mouth because that’s what our former mentors told us to do. Then we, like our mentor, turned to social media marketing, in this particular case, Facebook marketing.

You will learn nuggets as to why and how you should market on Facebook. In this video, topics such as fan page benefits, photo sizes, how to link your personal account
to your business account, and what the exclusive, private, communal, support group can do for you will be shared.

The heading portion of your fan page captivates audience eyes with your cover photo and profile image. The cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels to be exact. The profile image is 180 x 180. This is essential to know so you can tell your web designer like we did.

You can link your personal page to your fan page to maximize your visibility. By clicking on the “about” section, then the “work and education” button, next go to “owner at,” you can edit and type your fan page url there. It is not connected, it is displayed on your personal page.

When you have a fan page you are on marketing steroids compared to operating from your personal page. Certain features are only on the fan page. Application tabs are buttons your prospects can click on to connect with your offers when they are ready to buy from you. Facebook guidelines prohibit doing business on personal pages. You want to keep on Facebook’s good side to be able to do business on their platform. The personal page has a cap to how many friends you can have, only 5 thousand. You have an admin panel and an advertising panel. You can add trusted partners to possess control of your fan page account in case something happens to your account, by making them “admin,” and therefore your fan page is retrieved again!

The people in this social media marketing group are cream of the crop! You get access to this maven’s hand-holding training in this exclusive, private, powerful group. The group consists of highly responsive, helpful, caring, supportive online entrepreneurs like yourself. It is required like needing air to breathe to be mentored by and surrounded by people and the lifestyle change you wish to acquire. Networking and befriending these generous, affluent, and helpful people will cause you to become a leader like them.

In this video gift, you will be able to access knowledge and resources the maven uses to build her online empires. How? It’s available to you after opting in with you name, email, and phone number on the next page by clicking the link below.

What are you waiting for? Click the link and enter your name, phone number, and email.
We look forward to seeing you on the winners’ side!

To your empowerment,
Bear & Rainbow, the Healers of Online Marketing

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