Social Media Marketing: Signature for Likes

Almost everyone has an email account even if they don’t have a computer. How can you maximize each and every email you send out to grow new “likes” on your Facebook fan page?

Your email has an option to have or not have a signature. This is an ending always appearing at the bottom of the body of your emails you write or send out. The signature is always appears the same, what you type it to be until you change it again, similar to a footer.

Click “settings” while logged into your email account. You may have to click “my account” as an extra step depending on your email provider. Click “signature.” Type a call to action with the benefits your customer or prospect will gain for “liking” your site. Type your fan page url. For example, “For more social media marketing tips, ‘like’ us on” Click save, ok, or apply. Send a test email to see if you like your signature and start using it!

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