Social Media Marketing: Why You Need a Mini Website
You need a custom made, mini-website for your business…..

When you contrast a regular version website on a desktop versus a mini website on a mobile device, the essential components that your customer needs to view will be viewable. When you try to open and view a regular website on a mobile device, it will block, hide, and truncate elements that may be very essential that:

1. You might lose a potential customer from buying your product.
2. You might lose a chance at gaining a lead signing up at your website.

I got so carried away making this video and talking about why we, Bear & I, love these services that I answered the question to this video partially and had to answer it fully here in the text.

This company provides a package of a mini-website, SEO for life by live humans, and your very own custom made smart phone app for your business, all for very inexpensive compared to many other companies providing the same services and products. There are more benefits, even $ benefits, click link to read more benefits for you! We are told it will last only for a limited time, so you better jump on the band wagon while it’s still open.

For more information about these hard to live without services, click the link and enter your name, phone number, and email. We look forward to working with you & seeing you on the winners’ side!

To Your Empowerment,
Bear & Rainbow, the Healers of Online Marketing

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