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Online entrepreneurs, do you make money using social media marketing?

Did you know this marketing maven has built 6-figure incomes for multiple of her online businesses?

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This marketing maven gained leads, sales, engagement, and fans, exponentially! She is our teacher that you will watch in this video gift accessible to you after you enter your name, phone number, and email.

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After you opt in, you will see 3 steps. Step 1 is the video gift with training you can implement immediately.
Step 2 shows how you can generate your own leads giving away free trainings just like these. Step 3 is our, Bear & Rainbow’s business opportunity. Expect these so you’re not overwhelmed with necessary action steps.

This video gift is a valueable 1:26:00 minutes minus the Q & A portion. Take notes, we did and it pays off!!!

You’ll peek at how to create your own fan page with regards to profile pictures, cover photos, & application tabs to sell your offers. 8:45 explains how your cover photo and ad photos need to have less than 20% text of the entire image. 11:28 suggests how to choose your cover photo. 13:00 goes into detail as to why it is detrimental to use your name & not your companies’ name when branding your online presence.

It will cover how keywords can boost your ratings on Google & how to get your own fans.

To garner your own fans, you can 19:29 click “build audience” from your personal page and click “invite friends.” Next manually click/ select which current friends you would feel are interested in your product or service. This is the easiest way to get your very first likes.

You can reply to comments to create engagements & visits to your page.

This video goes to great lengths to guide you on what to enter when you create your Facebook ads in the sections such as: age, gender, precise interests, & broad categories. The maven even touches upon 2 types of ads.

The 1st ad is pay for “likes” to your page. You can optimize for clicks, & manually bid at $1.00 per click even though you will most likely pay less.

The 2nd ad is promoted posts, or status updates. She uses this 90% of the time because it generates the most engagement & leads for her.

1:12 talks about scraping ID’s of particular Facebook groups to target custom audiences.

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In this video gift, you will be able to access knowledge and resources the maven uses to build her online empires. How? It’s available to you after opting in with you name, email, and phone number on the next page by clicking the link below.

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We look forward to working with you
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To your empowerment,
Bear & Rainbow, the Healers of Online Marketing

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