Social Media Marketing: Identify Frauds & Scammers Online

We need to protect ourselves in the physical world, as well as the cyber world. How can we tell if someone or an organization is posing and is a fraud? We need to know how to protect ourselves and our identity from being compromised, stolen, and used for parasitic people’s benefits.

Research the person and organization more deeply. See if the pictures match. See if the videos match with the same people and topics in them over and over. We are looking for congruence.

If the website(s) looks like it took a long time to build and accumulate over time, it’s probably real. If it looks like it was slapped together haphazardly then the criminals may easily take it down as a fly by night because they are not that invested in it nor sticking around.

View the interactions with other people. Are they bonified, credible, trustworthy people? Are the comments angry reporting them for abuse and spam?

Look for contact information such as physical addresses and phone numbers.

Look to see if the site or person is verified or certified in multiple ways, online and in training, or degrees.

Every detail you get will be a clue, especially when you want to phone the Better Business Bureau and inquire about that person or organization.

When in doubt, stay away, stay safe. Trust your intuition.

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