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Online entrepreneurs, do you make money using social media marketing?

social media marketing

social media marketing

Did you know this marketing maven has built 6-figure incomes for multiple of her online businesses?
She is one of our mentors in MyLeadSystem Pro and is has been dubbed the queen of Facebook marketing. Out of all the social media marketing platforms, why choose Facebook?

Facebook is #2 most visited website as of November 2013 according to the eBusiness knowledgebase, Facebook has been popular and is still in its infancy. You can profit, create, and optimize your own Facebook ads for your businesses.

However, if you don’t optimize your ads, you will be throwing your money down the drain. There are target populations for you to select in certain combinations or individually. To clump target populations would be too scattered, wasting your time and money.

When starting out, it’s best to select only one target population, or “precise interest” for each ad. That way, you can isolate and definitively identify which target group is working or failing according to the number of clicks you receive for each test ad you run.

CTR stands for click through rate, the higher the better for your social media marketing campaigns. When starting out, it’s recommended to select CPC over CPM. CPC stands for cost per click. CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions. To use your money wisely, choose CPC over CPM until you find out which test ads are most popular by their CTR’s.

Getting your ads approved is another skill to master in social media marketing. The wording is particular for Facebook to approve your ads to go public. Making false and hyped up claims will get your ads denied. “If you eat this supplement, it will cure cancer!” is going to get rejected by Facebook.

Telling a story is a strategy to get your Facebook ads approved. What do we mean? “Mr. “X” earns 40 reps by doing x, y, & z in less than 40 days.” These are just a few of the secrets you will receive.

In this video gift, you will be able to access knowledge and resources this social media marketing maven uses to build her online empires. How? It’s available to you after opting in with you name, email, and phone number on the next page by clicking the link below.

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