Social Media Marketing: Brand Your Name

Why should your name be more important than the product or service your are promoting? You are your brand. You are your business. Your image and identity is what you are selling. People who know, like, and trust you will buy your products and services because of people, not because of the product. People buy from people.

Like T. Harv Eker says, “When you raise your vibration people will come. What do you do? You charge them.” People buy from brands they trust. People buy from people they trust.

If you’re an online marketer selling many different things in an array of different genres,
Your name is more important than the different categories of things you are selling.

Oprah is a household name. Target and Walmart are household names. Why? They have a reputation they live up to so they can be trusted to deliver products and services with a certain quality and guarantee if they are not up to par.

If you’re online entrepreneur marketing multiple online, home-based businesses, you are diversifying and your name needs to be on the forefront, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for waste and disaster.

If you market Amway and it shuts down its business, you’d be at a loss if all your money and energy were spent on promoting Amway as the profile/ biography/ about me on all your websites and advertising.

If you decide you don’t want to promote Herbalife anymore, then you’d have to get rid of all your websites and advertisements promoting Herbalife as the profile you chose on all your websites, which you probably invested tons of your time, energy, and money into.

Even if it’s free websites, such as some social media marketing platforms like Facebook, you’d have to get rid of that and or start fresh with a new name if you used the company or product instead of your own personal name.

If you use your own name, it umbrellas all the groups you are promoting. You are not going away. Even if you quit business, you in your daily life are still selling yourself as a public image wherever you go. People will either know, like and trust you, or they won’t depending on the perception you put out there for them to know.

We, Bear & Rainbow hated to label ourselves because we believed it to be limiting. Well, for business we realized people related and trusted us better when we let them know who we are and what we are about. Hence, the name, “Bear & Rainbow—-the Healers of Online Marketing.”

Make yourself memorable. Put your personality into branding yourself. It can be fun and you’ll attract people who resonate with your own personal flavor. Happy branding!!!

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To Your Empowerment,
Bear & Rainbow, the Healers of Online Marketing

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