Love Employees as Family Supporting employees is more than just money and paid leave time. Win-win situations can be fulfilling and thriving for your company and your staff.

Some things to consider in caring for and appreciating your employees are flexibility, money, time, freedom, and people’s personality.

Everyone has different priorities that can stay the same or change depending on personal circumstances. Ask questions so you can optimize the personalities and priorities of your employee.

Would your employee be interested in any specialty training or leadership opportunities? Is your employee interested in eventually leaving and creating his or her own company?

This applies to all people on all levels, high, medium, or low on the totem pole.

Some social connectors thrive when they are surrounded by people.
Some independent, self starters excel with minimal contact from others.
Some people want to be told what to do, require more hand-holding.

Different personalities, capabilities, capacities, talents, preferences, dislikes, are individual needs you need to work with. What does your employee want to do, and how?

Crowds, different settings and the dynamics between different couples or groups can be stressed or optimized if you have the right chemistry between people.

Family culture, values, should resonate, be in alignment with love for the mission in order for longevity, cohesiveness, excellence, thriving, success, growth, evolution, smooth conflict resolution to take place. This is all for the benefits of serving more people, ie, the clients, customers, students, and consumers.

You can use upset situations, petty conflicts within staff, conflicts outside of your organization, for example UPS interactions to know what it feels like. Use these upsetting times to improve each and every little step in your organization.

Systems run no matter what people you plug into it. Don’t blame people. Create and improve the system so everyone’s on the same page and can leave off anytime anyone is absent.

This love and appreciation shown to your staff can also be applied to your business partners, joint ventures, business associates, clients, and customers, students.

Listen to your staff. Give them what need, and they’ll bend over backwards for you, above and beyond their originally hired for job description.

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