Is Your Business & Life Infused With Passion? with Rainbow

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be influential? Passion is an answer to both those questions.

Just because someone has air time on the radio, or any type of mainstream media, it does not mean he or she is effectively being influential.

It turns out this miserable girl being interviewed was not a girl or young intern in the company. She is the executive director as she announced at the end. Wow. She broadcasted lack of enthusiasm and disinterest.

Entertaining, humorous, empowering, educating, packaged into an engaging, inspirational, educational learning session. Our mentors, this is the type of mentors we are attracted to.

If your persuasion is all left brain, facts, and no emotion, you’re not reaching the human spirit.

Passionate people can be more effective, powerful, loving, influential people.
They are captivating, moving, emotions, heart and soul.

Are you deadweight, or are you inspiring others?

If you don’t love your life, maybe you need to find something you enjoy.
Make it fun. Fake it and trick your brain into enjoying it. Make it a game.

Find some thing else to do.
Find what you love.
Make whatever you’re doing fun.

Whatever you focus on grows.
Let us know what other topics you want us to talk about.

Use this secret whenever you make your videos and copy.

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Bear & Rainbow, the Healers of Online Marketing

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