Communicate with Customers with Your Own Mobile Marketing App

Communicate with Customers with Your Own Mobile Marketing App

Bear & Rainbow help small business owners who are losing potential repeat customers with their very own Silent Salesman Smartphone App, so they can feel influential with their customers.

With this app you get free, unlimited number of mass text blasts to your friends, downline, customers.

It is low risk because in sending texts, it is low investment, low fear, low commitment on the behalf of both the sender and the recipients.

Studies show more than 95% of texts are read within 5 minutes of receipt, beating email hands down because emails can be ignored clutter. How many times do you, we, people give an email that is rarely looked at just to sign up for a freebie?

These apps can be $3,000 to $50,000 to establish your own app. Web 1.0 was the www, or dot coms. Web 2.0 is social media. All the big, serious businesses are communicating with their customers and downlines via mobile apps. Apps are 3.0 and it has already started.

You can use your own app to invite people to intro classes you host, parties, contests, networking mixers, special offers that are time sensitive, positive messages of the week.

When you collaborate with others you promote and synergize each others’ efforts. For example, a BBQ restaurant has a car wash next door. You can send a text blast now for 50% a dinner special, expiring at 9pm tonight, while adding the bonus of 50% off the car wash business next door if they purchase so and so before 9pm tonight, they also get the savings for the car wash.

You can use it for complimentary strategic alliance partners to cross promote each other’s events and specials. When you put urgency for the offers, classes, specials, etc, this is how time and texting are of value.

You also get referral commissions or passive income when you refer 2 or more people to get their own app.

This app is texts blasts with the capability to direct them to sign up and read your mini mobile website, different from your desktop website. The mobile website is read easily on iPads, tablets, smartphones instead of viewing a desktop website that is distorted on a mobile device, causing frustrated prospects to leave your site, ie, losing sign ups or preventing them from purchasing, leaving cash on the table.

It’s a world-wide Mobile Marketing tool and customer retention tool so you can be top of mind with your clients, instead of losing them to your competition. People who waited to get a website waited too long. As a result their competition beat them to it and stole customers from them.

So, you get unlimited texts blasts, plus it’s connected to your mobile website in this app. All your subscribers provide is name and smartphone #. It’s compatible with iPhone, Android, or iPad. Yes, it’s new technology serious companies already use. It’s only $14.95 a month, no set up fee, no contracts.

Thank you for watching! Share, rate up, comment, subscribe. Sign up for our mobile app, “Bear & Rainbow’s Healing” app on Sign up for news updates, contests, events, webinars, teleconferences, workshops, time sensitive special offers such as healings & trainings, & positive messages. If it’s not up on our desktop website yet, ask us & we’ll provide you the link for our healing app registration. We’ll also be happy to help you get your own low maintenance, easy to use app for your business. Just ask!

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